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Stop by and visit with those who are gone...Reminensce ONE last time!
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"I've learned so much from Phil, you'd be a fool not to!"
Jose Manuel Gonzales knows what’s up! Pulling duel duty on the Technicians of Distortion Tour as drummer for both (his main band) Warbeast and
Philip H Anselmo and The Illegals,
Jose is taking full advantage of learning from musicians who have been in the industry for over 20 years. Phil’s “solo” release of
“Walk Through Exits Only” (Housecore Records).  Although the album has received mixed views, it doesn’t hinder the attendance at shows. An opportunity to see their all-time metal hero, yeah, you’d go to! View full review and pictorial here.
Grave (Ola Lindgren) by Erika Kristen
One thing that you can depend on in metal is a intense contribution from Sweden’s Grave. August 27th will mark the day of Grave’s 10th full-length release with
“Endless Procession of Souls” (Century Media). Vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren chats with FourteenG on a 20 year career in the industry, relinquishing control, not to mention, what Grave has to offer today’s metal community.
When a lifelong friend and supporter of your cause exclaims: “You HAVE to check out this band!” you abandon your previous plans and haul ass to that show! With an endorsement like that, it’s hard to turn it down. Surely a friend wouldn’t steer you down that bunny trail blindly.
Hmmm, wait, yes they would.
Joseph Duplantier (vocalist/guitarist of Gojira), the dry jokester he is, has done just that in the past, force feeding incomprehensible music from around the world to an “unrefined” palate. Long Islanders’ experimental mathcore artists Car Bomb, is at the top of Joe’s list of favorite music at the moment. Gojira’s last minute headlining tour of The States to support their release of “L’Enfant Sauvage” (Roadrunner), asked Car Bomb to be their opening act on a 7-day run to coincide with Knotfest 2012 (a result of the canceled Lamb Of God/Dethklok summer tour). The mind blowing light and sound spectacle of Car Bomb’s set at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago prompted me to hound them for a tag teamed interview. Joseph and Car Bomb screamer Michael Evan Defferner joins FourteenG for an informal catch up session to discuss self-releasing “w^w^^w^w”, admiration & quite simply ‘where the hell did they come from?’
Gojira/Car Bomb (Joseph Duplantier & Michael Evan Dafferner) by Fourteeng Webmagazine
Gojira/ Car Bomb Summer Tour 2012
Upon first glace, Stolen Babies looks like a carnival act playing DIY instruments gone awry. But then again, I was at a Devin Townsend headlined show. Epic Kings and Idols North American Tour hits Chicago and brings along some of the most anticipated progressive acts in metal. Paradise Lost, Katatonia and the Devin Townsend Project. This is a dream gig if given the chance to be an opener. Stolen Babies was appropriately hand picked for this slot. You too will understand why after listening to the shy yet eclectic front woman, Dominique Lenore Persi.
The long awaited
“Naught” will be released October 16th.
Stolen Babies (Dominique Lenore Persi) by Fourteeng Webmagazine
Stolen Babies (Dominique Lenore Persi) on Epic Kings and Idols Tour
Animals As Leaders Summer Slaughter 2013
Summer Slaughter 2013
Summer Slaughter has showcased some of the best modern metal since its annual jaunt across the planet in 2007. Just a fraction of this years’ wildly anticipated performances consisted of Animals As Leaders, Aeon and Periphery. Their formula of fun mathcore, and all of its intricacies, is just an inkling of where metal is headed. What could be even more intriguing than the bands that performed on this bill?
Their side projects. Keep an ear out.
"Crestfallen kings and queens
comforting in their faith"

Lollapalooza brings about the best up and coming musicians slated for super stardom. This year, one very band familiar to the metal scene is Ghost
B.C. for you newbies and, no, not the ones from Japan).
Ghost’s hypnotic hymns have reached our shores
more times in the past year than some of our home grown metal acts.
FourteenG joins Papa Emeritus II & The Nameless Ghouls at a performance for the sold out Lollapalooza Aftershow in the famed Double Door in Chicago. The intimate show was packed with a devoted congregation and we wanted to share "the word" with all of you. Enjoy.
Er, Hail Satan!
Our Random Fandom installment for Spring involves
In Flames. They finally reach the end of a touring cycle for their 2011 release of
"Sounds Of A Playground Fading".
How nice of them to play Chicago one final time before they hit the studios for a new album. Something tells us that our friends at
Local Option Brewery had something to do with IF's showcased show.
Check out our snippet from this gig at
At left:
Nothing like kicking off summer with a little bit of Savannah-sludge! Guitarist
Laura Pleasants (pictured) and Kylesa swing by Chicago’s Bottom Lounge while promoting their Seasons Of Mist record release of “Ultraviolet”.  Their community of diehards packed the joint, swaying to every riff and double beat, brought to you by the drumming powers of Jeff Porter & Carl McGinley.

At bottom:
Meir North American Tour of 2013 featuring Kvelertak, Cancer Bats and Black Tusk was just what we needed to get out of our collective cold funk. The venue was a steamy mess of thrashing bodies and gritty sludge music. Topped off with, what has now become a stable at Bottom Lounge, the trend of craft beer being showcased in honor of a metal show! Our friends at Local Option showcased their dampfbier,  Dampf Loc and a maibock called Voku Hila. View the coverage of the melding of the two at “Norway's Kvelertak and Local Option's Voku Hila: Metal makes beer taste better” by  Philip Montoro
FourteenG's heavy metal mavens, Karma Omowale & Erika Kristen, were honored to be apart of author Laina Dawes'  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?". Minority/Majority? No more!